Monday, September 24, 2012

Fundamentally Toxic Christianity, a Liberal Christian Blogger's Look at the IFB Movement

I just ran across this amazing article by liberal Christian blogger John Shore. I have spoken before on this blog about my connections to the Independent Fundamentalist Movement movement in my post on disgraced (and possibly soon to be imprisoned) former IFB pastor Jack Schaap .Jack Schaap is facing federal prison time for sexually abusing a teen girl who came to him for counseling for the effects of previous sexual abuse. Even worse than that, read the story of Tina Anderson, who was forced by her IFB pastor in New Hampshire to apologize to her congregation for being raped! 

His article is a long read, but well worth it. He goes into precise detail of all the problems with the IFB movement, their treatment of women as second class citizens, their isolationism in not associating with non-Christians, or even other Christians. He also talks about their treatment of children, they are big fans of authors such as Micheal and Debi Pearl which advocate "discipline" that is very psychologically and physically abusive, for a glimpse into the effects that kind of advice causes, read my post, Fundamentalism and It's Impact on Children and the seven part series by blogger "Latebloomer" on her childhood. Her family subscribed to the ideas of fundamentalist pastor and author Reb Bradley, who was practically a carbon copy of the Pearl family.

What is also great about his article is his extensive listing of media coverage on the IFB movement over the years, and his links to survivors groups. Especially check out the group Independent Fundamental Baptist Cult Survivors and the blog of survivors of physical, physiological and even sexual abuse at Hephzibah House, a home for "troubled teen girls" started by the late IFB pastor Lester Roloff.

This is most likely the most comprehensive article I have seen in the IFB movement yet, and despite it's length, well worth reading, take the time to check out the groups and sites that he links to, and get educated about the IFB movement.The IFB movement is nationwide across the US, and some day, they may try to convert someone you know, you must be aware of this group, and the dangers of joining....

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  1. So you are against fib's? Because not all groups of FIB's are the same. I know a lot of small families who are FIB's. And the mistake of one man should not be allowed to reflect on us all. I have never been to Hyles Anderson and I do not plan to, but I don't think its fair for u to call us a cult. In what way are we a cult? Having big families? Whether or not u have a big family is a personal preference of each family, not a requirement. And I am sorry for your own personal experience, but again that does not reflect every FIB church. Each church is independent, hence the name Fundamental Independent Baptist church. Please don't get mad at everyone within the denomination because of one church.


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