Exposing the IFB


 These blogs are written by former IFB members, and contain further information on them, I may not agree with all of the views of these bloggers.

Darell Dow: Stuff Fundies Like

Darell graduated from the IFB institution Pensacola Christian College before leaving the IFB.
His blog tries to expose them with a large dash of humor. He even pokes fun at the current IFB members who attempt to troll his site, check out the Fundy Comment and Church Sex Scandal  Bingo games.

Jeri Massi: Blog on the Way

Jeri is a former IFB member who became a martial arts instructor, her personal blog contains a wealth on info on the IFB, it's abuses, and information on their past and present pedophile ministers.

Jocelyn Zichterman: IFB Cult Survivors (Facebook)

Jocelyn started the facebook group as a gathering place for former IFB members, she has spoken to the media in the past about their abusive practices on Anderson Cooper's show on CNN (video here), and on 20/20 (link to my post on this report).

Here are all of my posts so far on the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement, I will update as I write more about this dangerous group:

Assorted Posts:

Shocking videos of an old 20/20 report on the IFB movement

My response to Jack Schaap's guilty plea

Fundamentally Toxic Christianity, my response to a blog article by John Shore

Guest Post for Confessions of a Heretic Husband:

Exposing the Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination 

Exposing the IFB movement series:

Pastor Steven Anderson

Micheal And Debi Pearl

The late Jack Hyles and First Baptist Hammond (part 1)

Jack Hyles and First Baptist Hammond (part 2)

Bob Jones University

Exposing the IFB: The Horrors of Hezpibah House (part 1)

Exposing the IFB: Hezpibah House (part 2)

Exposing the IFB: Bill Gothard and the Advanced Training Institute


  1. Hi Sheldon,
    Thank you for linking to my blog. Slight correction: My name is spelled Jeri Massi. My blog is titled Blog on the Way. http://jeriwho.net/lillypad2/

  2. Sorry. :(

    Will correct sometime this week, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for all you do to expose the IFB

  3. Glad to! And BTW, good luck on the house. I wish I could do stuff like that. It sounds like a terrific project.

    In 2009 I made my first home purchase, a small, 40+ year old condo in a blue collar neighborhood. I had to hire people to put in new flooring and to wire in two new ceiling fans. But I painted the entire place myself, replaced an outlet or two, put in weather stripping, hired a handyman to stuff the eaves with steel wool (squirrels) and took down the 1970's lighting fixtures, and replaced them with some newer ones I got on sale from Lowe's. I found a great deal of personal satisfaction in making my little home my own, even though I lacked the skills to do some of it with my own hands. I hope you also enjoy the benefit of your work.

  4. There are many IFB churches with controlling pastors and then any branch out ministries they have get controlling leaders as well. I've noticed more so in IFB circles how people just like to pry into others personal lives, spread private matters among other church members too. They claim to be 'fundamentalists'and that makes them' better than' because everyone else is just inferior to the way they do church. They only have friendships within their circles(a mini cult) I'm so sick of it, I'd love to tell some of them off. They're so vindictive though.

    1. I have noticed that they can be highly backstabbing and catty. My sister experienced quite a bit of that as a teen.

  5. I am a writer based in Louisiana. I have been writing extensively on my blog www.louisianavoice.com/ about the abuses inflicted by Mack Ford at New Bethany Home for Girls in Arcadia, Louisiana and its "brother" home, New Bethany Home for Boys in Longstreet, Louisiana.

    I have interviewed several former residents who say they were raped by "Rev." Ford back in the '70s and '80s. They are finding it impossible to get the local district attorney and/or sheriff to pursue charges against Ford, who still lives on the New Bethany grounds even though the school is shut down.

    Specifically, I am looking for two things:

    1. Any other former residents/survivors of New Bethany who would be willing to talk (even if they don't want their names given);

    2. Any documented link between Mack Ford and/or Bob Jones University and any of its affiliates and leaders and any documented link between Mack Ford and/or First Baptist Church of Hammond, Ind. and its former ministers Jack Hyles and Jack Schaap.

    Again, it is not necessary that I use your names though I would like to know your names when we talk by phone or email.

    My email address is louisianavoice@cox.net

    1. Thanks for the tip, I'll start looking them up.

    2. i went to new bethany in la in the 90s and one of the things that stuck with me is a story bout a girl who jumped through a window from like the 2nd or 3rd floor ...which was the buildining with the huge cross as the windows... i thought no way.. but at the same time i knew a guy named micheal who with another guy acually ran away and made it..my dad still sent me anyway...why cant anything be done against these people...

  6. I grew up in the Ifb, and my mom did too, and we hated it. I was always told what to do, alot of the ushers were very pushy, but I didn't keep quiet and told them stuff they hated. They wouldnt dare lift their hands at me because im like 6'2 and I can be as mean as a rabid lion, my mom is very liberal and she's a non sugar coater too.

  7. My former IFB pastor spewing venom toward women who do not follow his personal standards.



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