Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shocking Videos of an Old 20/20 report on the IFB movement

OK, Maybe I'm being a little bit of a lazy blogger today, but this video series of an old 20/20 report on the IFB movement is really eye opening. Watch it, it really opens up their misogyny, advocating of child abuse, and their history of sexual abuse by ministers...

Some clips in this series are from Jack Schaap, a minster now convicted of sexual abuse. I've heard his sermons in person a few times as a teenager while visiting my sister, she left the movement a few years ago. Something about that man's voice again sends chills down my spine, makes the video hard to listen to....This video is part 3, links will be below to the entire series. Their views of "discipline" of children is about enough to make you throw up. 

Further viewing:

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