Sunday, October 7, 2012

To My Readers: I Have Not Forgotten About You! (An Update on the Blog)

Hi, readers, I haven't posted to the blog tonight, which is unusual for a Saturday, I know. I have been writing a guest post for My Secret Atheist Blog, about my past fundamentalist life, and my "de-conversion" out of Christianity, that took up quite a bit of time, as the post started becoming quite long, and rather personal. I just sent it to Godless Poutine literally minutes ago, keep a watch out for the announcement that it has been published, I think you all will enjoy reading it. It gets very detailed into my past life, and what caused the crisis of faith that led to me leaving Christianity once and for all. I am highly honored to do this for Poutine, and it's a great opportunity to introduce myself and this blog to his readers.

I have made an update to the blog, for your convenience, if you are a regular reader, you will be familiar with my posts on the IFB movement, now links to all posts relating to the IFB movement well be saved to a new page, Exposing the IFB. If you are a regular reader, it makes it easier to go back and find past posts, and if you are new readers, it's a great way for you to find them, and read them anytime.

Also, I want to take the time again, to remind everyone that I am open to having guest posts on my blog, read my guidelines before sending. I want to hear from you, you do not have to be an atheist/agnostic to send in a guest post, as I explain in my guidelines, but fundamentalists of any variety need not apply ;)
Guest posts also can be about topics other than religion.

I would love to have guest posts on this blog, it would be a welcome sight around here, especially if you have a more positive personality than I do, I can get quite negative around here.


  1. Yay! You seem to be having a positive outlook today! You know something? It's also great for whoever you 'touch'or relate to. It spreads. I read today something like "the problem is that we don't believe in ourselves" but why don't we? Cettain religions make you feel so guilty and miserable, so I thought it is one of the reasons. We learn to live putting ourselves down. Oh well, let's bit a habit and do things differently for about 25 times, pushing ourselves a bit, til is just a refreshing habit we picked up and comes naturally.
    Gotta go now. I'm happy for you!!!

  2. Thanks Sheldon! Hopefully the guest post will go up a little later this weekend.

  3. So long as it goes up, Poutine, I'll announce it on the blog when it's posted. Thanks for the opportunity.


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