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Posts I have written for other blogs:

For My Secret Atheist Blog:

From Christian Fundamentalist to Closeted Agnostic Blogger (Part 1)

From Christian Fundamentalist to Closeted Agnostic Blogger (Part2)

Confronting My Past

For The Way Forward:

Confessions of a Former John Piper Fan

For Hausdorff's Bible Blog:

Sliding Down a Slippery Slope

For Laughing in Purgatory:

Coming Out About My Unbelief 

Marriage, Family, and Societal Norms In The US (Part 1)

Also check out the part 2 to that post, published on my blog:

Marriage, Family and Societal Norms (part 2)

My Pathetic Attempt At Humor

For Confessions of a Heretic Husband:

Exposing the Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination

Q&A interview on the blog Wide Open Ground:

Life During and After Fundamentalism: Sheldon's Story

For Republic of Gilead:

Living a Double Life

For the blog Reason Being:

Looking Back At My Home Schooling Past

Grundy of the blog Deity Shmeity gave me the great honor of being a part of his Atheist Experience interview series, here's my interview:

An Interview With Sheldon Cooper

For the blog Leaving Fundamentalism:

Putting the Fundamental In Fundamentalist

Subconscious Phone Conversations

For Sunstone's Cafe:

Living Without Fear of Death

Guest posts on my blog:

Q&A interview series:

My interview with Lana of the blog Wide Open Ground:

Q and A Interview

My Q&A interview of blogger Grundy of Deity Shmeity:

Q&A Interviews

Jonny Scaramanga of the blog Leaving Fundamentalism:

One Man's Childhood Experience With An ACE Curriculum School

John Richards of the blog Reason Being:

Good Without God

Christian Kemp of the blog I Am an Atheist and this Is Why:

What Are You Not Interpreting Correctly?

Stephen Burney:

 "Happy Clappers"

This guest post was written by a regular reader of the blog, who wishes to remain anonymous, this post is very intense, and may be hard to read for some readers, especially those who are survivors of abuse:

When Your Family Becomes Your Enemies

Andrew Hall of the blog Laughing In Purgatory:

Scholar Awarded Templeton Prize for Proving Jesus' Virgin Birth

Evangelicals are Excited that Science is Wrong Again!

20 Things God Wants You to Know About Him

Poetry blogger Fred Robel, author of the blog Fritz 365:

Jesusless Beginnings

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  1. Here's one; a growing popular addictions ministry that is only allowed in IFB churches, its called Reformers Unanimous. There's hundreds of them across the country, Some of them have 'homes' for people to live in to help get over their addiction. However, at least a couple of these 'homes' have students that go out and smoke crack, drink, drive, buy and use other drugs, and then come back to the 'home' and they are simply let back in. This puts the others at risk for relapse as well, creating an unsafe environment to say the least. Same type of thing in these reformers ministries; lording over people, authoritarianism rule from the top down, leaders are not to be questioned, oh yeah, its bad


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