Thursday, December 20, 2012

Read my Guest Post At Reason Being!

John Richards of the blog Reason Being has published a guest post of mine on his blog. If you remember, he has also been a guest poster here as well, and he was gracious enough to not only write his post, Good Without God for my blog, but he also linked to it on reddit's r/atheism sub forum, bringing me hundreds on new views to the blog.

He really is a great guy, and runs a very well written blog.

Check out my guest post, Looking Back At My Home Schooling Past, and make sure to read more of his posts, he is a great writer.

I do welcome guest posts on my blog, I accept proposed guest post at my blog e-mail account,

A few things to keep in mind:

I prefer guest posts from the non-religious, whether you be atheist, agnostic, deist, or even believe in a god, but rejected organized religion.

Proposed guest posts from people more liberal religious groups like liberal Christians, Unitarians, etc, will be accepted on a case by case basis, and will depend on the proposed post and topic.

Proposed guest posts from fundamentalists will be autocratically rejected, as well as spam posts attempting to promote a business, take the spam somewhere else (and yes, I have gotten these spam proposals before).

If you want to mention your blog, and/or your social media pages, that's fine, but if I'm not familiar with you, I will check out those pages, and their content first.

I will contact anyone back who sends in a legitimate guest post proposal, I really enjoy interacting with guest posters, especially fellow bloggers, show me what you can write :)


  1. Thanks for the kind words Sheldon. Much appreciated.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, the blog has grown beyond any expectations I ever had.


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