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If you want to know more about my past, there's really no better source than the two part series I wrote about my "de-conversion" for My Secret Atheist Blog, a great blog written by Godless Poutine, the man who inspired me to start blogging.
From Christian Fundamentalist to Closeted Agnostic Blogger (part 1)

From Christian Fundamentalist to Closeted Agnostic Blogger (part 2)

My Guest Blogger Bio Page at My Secret Atheist Blog

My series, Undercover Agnostic is about what it is like to be a closeted agnostic, and my experiences in the fundamentalist church that I attend (yes, it is frustrating still living in fundamentalist land).

Update 1: Sin, Sin Sin

Update 2: Questions From My Boss About My Unbelief

Update 3: The Sunday School Workbook

Update 4: Musical Irony and Political Activism

Update 5: Twisting History Beyond All Recognition

Update 6: Snowstorms, Human Sacrifice and New Pastors

Update 7: Why the Obsession with Getting Married and Having Children?

Update 8: Fighting on the Wrong Side of the Culture Wars

Update 9: The Bidding War That Could Change My Life

Update 10: Closure

Update 11: No Sympathy for the Suffering

Update 12: Christmas In June

Update 13: Post Father's Day Thoughts

Update 14: Personal Space Invaders

Update 15: Anything Worth Having Is Worth Fighting For

Update 16: A Long Talk with Rose

Update 17: “He’s an Atheist, So He Has Nothing to Say to Me”

Update 18: A Foggy Mind, a Wedding Ring, and Bittersweet Memories.

Update 19: “I Wish I Could Believe Sometimes”

Update 20: If You Are Going to Go New Testament On Us, At Least Be Consistent About It

Update 21: The Cult of Fetus Worship

Update 22: If That Is All We Give Them, Then We Have Given Them Nothing

Update 23: Discussions About Charismatic Christianity and Unintentional Double Meanings

Update 24: The Pentecostal Boss and the Pregnant Neighbor  

Update 25: A.W. Tozer's Ideas on the Holy Spirit 

Update 26: People Can Do Some Amazing Things, Despite Their Awful Beliefs 

Coming Out About My Unbelief to My Sister 

I have started a series on my father's mental health struggles when I was a teen, and it's effect on my family, I titled it, My Family and Mental Illness

Part 1: The Phone Call That Would Change My Life Forever

Part 2: The Father I No Longer Knew

Part 3: The Diagnosis

Part 4: The Diagnosis Explained/The Depression and Seizures Begin

Part 5: Whoever Created Neurontin Deserves a Nobel Prize

Part 6: Social Security Saves the Day

Part 7: The Garden of Eatin' 
Posts on the split from my family, and my life since then:

My parents:

Changed Locks and Violent Parents: The Confrontation 

Changed Locks and Violent Parents: Picking Up the Shattered Pieces

It All Adds Up, But I Wish It Didn't

Problems with their minister, (and my former minister), "Pastor Jones":

You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave 

Born Free, But Still They Hate Me 

Stabbed In the Back By A Cult Leader 

Stabbed In the Back By A Cult Leader (Part 2): Cease and Desist 

My life and recovery since then:

The Times Are Changing (And So Is My Name)

When A Shirt Is More Than Just A Shirt 

A Sunday Of Self Reflection 

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  1. Interesting about HH. I hope that mess can be cleared up.
    In the end, it will only matter what God says.He will have the final Word.


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