Exposing Extremism

This page is for my articles on organizations and congregations that are not part of the IFB, but their extreme rhetoric, beliefs, and behavior are worth exposing.

Illinois Family Institute, one of the most vocal anti-gay marriage groups in the Midwest:

Exposing Extremism: Illinois Family Institute

John Piper, a popular fundamentalist Baptist pastor and author:

Confessions of a Former John Piper Fan

(Guest post at The Way Forward)

Sovereign Grace Ministries:

Exposing Extremism: Sovereign Grace Ministries

Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church (Jacksonville, Florida)
Pastor: Darrell Gilyard

Florida Church Bans Children From Sunday Services So That Sex Offender Minister Can Still Preach

Ministry Best Practices (Fundamentalist blog)

Fundamentalist Website Compares People Leaving Their Churches to Sewage

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