Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This Is Something I Never Wanted to Do, But I Need Help.....

Asking for money is something I don't feel comfortable with at all. I have never put a PayPal donate button on my blog, or made an appeal for money myself. Hell, I don't even feel comfortable asking for money for various causes.

I have only done that twice since starting the blog that I can remember, once to ask people to help popular ex fundamentalist writer and divorced mother Vyckie Garrison keep her house (that was quite successful, raising over $19,665, I was proud to be a part of such an effort), and once to ask people to donate to a St. Louis animal shelter that had fallen on hard times.

I have had to overcome my reluctance and guilt over appealing for donations recently, because quite simply, I'm broke. I have over $2,500 in bills that I can't pay, and over $900 of that needs to be paid in the next several days or is past due, and I have had to start an appeal for donations on GoFundMe

How did I get in this mess? Well, several circumstances have come up, first I have a vehicle payment for the first time, on top of my regular house payment, after the vehicle related disasters in late October. I have also found out recently that I have Fibromyalgia on top of the depression and sleep apnea that I already knew I have.

Medication plus working out to lose weight and build strength have helped, but I'm still not sure I could handle working my current full time job plus what would probably be a physically demanding part time job with the energy levels that I have. Add to this fact that I still have outstanding bills still from a sleep study I had back in April, which is how I found out I have sleep apnea and got on a CPAP machine. One of the two companies that billed me for that from that has turned me over to a collection agency.

As it stands right now, I have $914.73 in urgent bills including my house payment, vehicle payment, property taxes and utilities. All are due within a week, and some are past due. As for the medical bills, I currently owe $1,584.52, some of which has been turned over to a collection agency from Texas, thankfully they don't have my phone number, they have just been sending me notices by mail, but it will ruin my credit. Hopefully I can negotiate with them to bring it down, but I need some funds in order to come up with a payment plan or a reduced settlement on it.


 So why $5,000 on the GoFundMe campaign? Good question, it's double what I currently owe, the simple answer is that I want to at least pay my regular bills, plus my medical bills and pay bills in advance (there's a small personal loan I have from my bank that I would like to get rid of to bring down my monthly bills as well), so that I'm not stuck in this same position another month or two from now.

 I want to be able to feel safe, like I'm not in danger of losing what I have come so far to have after the night from hell in December 2013, and the abuse in my past. I want to be able to pay my bills from now on with just my regular work pay check, currently I can't even do that.

I really need your help, if you can't donate, please make sure to share the fundraiser link on social media, and on your blog if you have one, the more people that see this, the greater that chances that I can pay at least some of these bills. I am grateful for my Google + followers, they have donated $175 in less than 24 hours and several people have shared the link. I so happy to have such a loyal fan base there.

Here's the GoFundMe link, please help. 


  1. I have no money to contribute as I am also currently in bad financial shape. However, I shared this in the hope of helping you spread the word. I hope things start looking up for you soon!


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