Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Please Help Ex-Fundamentalist Writer Vyckie Garrison Keep Her Home

Back in 2009, there were few people openly talking about the most extreme corners of Protestant Christianity, the "ex-fundie" world in the blogosphere and places like Facebook hardly existed. Into this gap stepped writer Vyckie Garrison with her site No Longer Quivering as a voice speaking out against the Quiverfull movement, which rejects all forms of birth control, and feels that every Christian has a divine mandate to have as many children as possible.

No Longer Quivering served as a community for the wives and daughters who left fundamentalism, and gave them a voice. It grew in influence and size, and she started getting more attention from the media and going on speaking tours, raising awareness.

Recently, she has been interviewed by sites as big as Alternet, and has been a speaker at conferences for Center for Inquiry and American Atheists. Her influence on the ex fundamentalist world can not be underestimated, she has inspired many bloggers, and contributed greatly to the campaign to get M. Dolon Hickmon's book 13:24, off to a running start.

Lately, however, she has fallen on some hard times financially. She needs over $23,000 to keep the home that she lives in with her 5 children, and over $17,000 has been raised so far, but it's still not enough.

A fundraiser is ongoing right now on the site Give Forward. Pay a visit, listen to the diverse people from the ex-fundamentalist world who have shown their gratitude for what she has done to help them, and our movement as a whole.

Her finances have been strained not only from the day to day costs of being a divorced mother with 5 children, but also from medical costs from care for herself and three children who have a rare genetic bone disorder.

If you can afford to spare some funds, please consider donating, if you can't, please pass the word on about the fundraiser on social media or on your blog if you have one. Any amount of funds or awareness can help.


  1. Good to see you posting again...my economic circumstances are just above the official poverty level, but I hope people will do whatever they can to help Vyckie...

    1. Over 800 people have seen this, so I hope it helps.


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