Monday, July 28, 2014

A Broken Window and a Major Victory

This has been a stressful week. For two weeks I was out of Cymbalta due to problems with insurance, red tape and hassles involving my name change and an incorrect birth date in my file. Normally I fight through the pain and fatigue, and make sure that I'm using my CPAP mask for sleep apnea, staying hydrated, and just fight though it. By last Wednesday, I just couldn't do it anymore. I called off for the half day of work I had scheduled, and slept until noon. It took me until about 2 pm to be conscious enough to want to go work out, and when I go to my car, I see this.

I go on with my day, stopping by a Wal Mart to get Gorilla Tape and a roll of plastic similar to what is used when people are painting to keep paint off of carpets and furniture (I figured it would be strong enough not to rip). I knew damn well who did it, but I didn't feel like dealing with it further that day.
There's two people who would definitely do something like this, the kind of people who have such poor character that they think there is nothing wrong with beating children , molesting children and teens, holding someone hostage in their home, or attempting to force their way into a house and make violent threats towards the owner if said owner doesn't want them in their life anymore. To top it off, they are working on a rental house for a relative nearly two blocks away, so I know they have been in the area, and on the same street.
I made a police report Thursday evening, and thankfully the officer that responded did far better than the last two times officers had to respond to my address. I gave the dispatcher a little background the last two incidents, and made reference to the order that M. Dolon Hickmon helped to draft, and what the police chief had said the last time. I overheard another dispatcher say "oh God" in frustration as though they were saying "not this house again...".
The officer that responded did respond quite well to the situation and though he said what I expected that no charges can come from this without a witness or video recording, etc. If the object used to break it was left in the car, that would even help, since fingerprints could be run, but no such luck.
I'm thinking they drove down the street, with tools still in the car, saw the car (which used to belong to Mrs. Sociopath), got angry at the site of it, and used something like a hammer or large wrench on it and took off.

They knew if they tired to get in the house again, or harassed me on the property, it would certain arrest and jail time, so that was their way of trying to intimidate me as well as make life a little harder.

The officer that responded said he could question them about it, and try to shake them up a little. He told them about some new security measures on the property that I set up Wednesday night to try to make them aware that they will probably be caught the next time. He called me after his talk with them, they denied it as expected, claimed they didn't even drive down that block anymore, and unfortunately I found out later from my sister that the officer had accidently let my current legal name slip when talking to them. Oh well, this town is only 30,000 people, they would have heard about it eventually.

What about had me dying laughing at the bitter irony and stupidity of it was the fact that the officer told me they didn't know why I had cut them out of my life, it was probably because I was in a "cult". Yes, they called the Unitarian Universalist church I was until April a cult.

Because to a fundamentalist, any non-fundamentalist congregation is a cult, no matter what it is, yet a congregation that sides with abusers, has a pastor that doesn't know the meaning of the word "confidential" and harasses ex-members to the point that it takes threat of lawsuit or criminal charges to get them to stop isn't a cult. Fundie logic at it's finest.

I was already kind of deflated by Sunday, and seeing a teen girl in a store that looked exactly like my former best friend Rose at that age didn't help any. This morning, I got out the title and sale paperwork on my house figuring that though I couldn't sell my house until June 20th, 2015, I could at least have my name changed on the title, that would help when I do go to sell it.

I was in for a surprise. I thought I had to keep the house for two years after I bought it to satisfy HUD's conditions for being "owner/occupant". I'm reading the terms of the contract, and I wanted to make sure that I was reading it right. Was it actually saying 12 months? Could this be true?

I went to the same realty company that I bought the house from to make sure, they looked it over, and they knew from experience dealing with HUD foreclosure sales that 12 months is the standard.

A realtor came by and looked at it, he said it will need some interior cleaning if it's going to be shown to perspective buyers and unfortunately, the problems with my garage roof are going to be a drawback and he was questioning the shape of the roof on the house. I haven't had problems with the house roof yet, but he said it wouldn't meet inspection for a HUD/FHA sale (which is fairly common in this town).

I was just relieved that I could sell my house finally, I have the option to get out of here once I find a buyer. Mr. and Mrs. Sociopath can keep this town, let them have it all, the pollution, their cult that is standing behind them, everything. I'm leaving. Where to, I don't know. I have been asking that very question in recent weeks even before I knew this was possible.

Finally I have some hope, all I need is for the house to sell for enough to cover the $11,000 I borrowed for HVAC and other work on the house, a few thousand to replace my old car, and a few thousand more to have on hand for whatever expenses come next. I don't even want to deal with moving costs, all the major new items I have in the house is a washer and two beds. I would just have a big yard sale and start over wherever I move too.

So many possibilities right now, I'm so relieved and excited. Do I move somewhere far away? Do I move to elsewhere in the St. Louis area so I can have the same job and have that certain income? The future is looking better already.


  1. YAY! I hope you can get out of there soon.

    I have started over a few times, including selling all of my furniture. It's sad and exciting at the same time.

  2. Good for you. If by some wild chance you land down in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, drop me a line - I can at least offer you a meal and a beer.

  3. It absolutely floors me that "christians" view the Bible as a weapon to be drawn and used for slaughter at every opportunity. I am a Christian, and I believe the Bible is the word of God, but I also read that God is love; and love is patient, kind, gentle, longsuffering, etc., etc. In fact, the only time you read of Jesus getting ticked off is when dealing with self-righteous, hypocritical, religious jerks (The ones who knew the religious law in-and-out, and prided themselves on fulfilling every facet of it).

    And why would anyone be attracted to a religion or church who portrays a "God" such as this, anyway?

    How many people have been mentally abused, abandoned, maligned, etc. by "churches" in the name of Jesus? The God I know fully understands what it feels like, and isn't offended that people would question not only His character, but if He even exists.

    People can be such colossal idiots.

    I hope you find a wonderful place to start over, and friends who can help you heal; there are nice people - somewhere - I think...


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