Monday, February 24, 2014

A St. Louis Area Animal Shelter Desperately Needs Your Help!

Up until now, I hadn't mentioned the name of the animal shelter I volunteer at, mostly for security reasons, ever since The Confrontation, I've been more mindful of not being very specific about where I'm at, or where I go.
  Something has come up this week, however that has lead me to violate this rule just once. I have been volunteering to Granite City's APA chapter, and today, I was talking to their volunteers and their treasurer, who stopped in to pick up the adoption paperwork and related fees.

Right now, they have had a lot of success with adopting out animals, thankfully. They have been spreading the word online more about the shelter (check out their listings of dogs and cats for adoption on Petfinder), and locally, so animals have been going out the doors rather quickly, but they are also getting a good deal of animals in as well.

They have started running so low on funds that they are considering ending their open house hours, where visitors can come in and view the animals for adoption, for the rest of this week, and they are having a hard time keeping the doors open altogether.

I hope that by putting this out there, that I can help them. I hope some of you can donate, check out their website, there is a PayPal donate button on the homepage, or consider sending them an item on their wishlist.

 In addition to what they have listed there, they also need harness for large dogs, to make it easier to walk them (I've personally walked some of their pit bulls with just a leash and collar, it's a hassle). I just got my tax refund in, so I'll probably be writing a check to them myself. If you can't afford to donate, just simply passing this blog post around on social media, or your blog would be a great help.

From what I'm hearing, this shelter has had their funds stretched thin for quite a while, but it's hitting a very desperate point right now, they're having a hard time paying operating costs, and they're wondering what they will do in the future. I have personally seen the great work they have done, and they do so much with what little they do have, it would be such a shame to see this shelter, a no kill shelter that takes in dogs from local pounds, no less, to close down. Please do what you can to help.

Tobey, a Dalmatian mix at the APA (Petfinder profile)

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