Sunday, September 23, 2012

1,000 Ministers Vow to Tell Their Congregants Which Presidential Candidate to Vote For From the Pulpit

1,000 ministers say that they will tell their congregants from the pulpit who to vote for from the pulpit on October 7th, according to Fox News. It's an effort lead by a group calling itself "Alliance Defending Freedom", they want to challenge an amendment to the US tax code that prohibit organizations classified as charities (which includes places of worship and religious groups) from openly taking part in political campaigns/parties or endorsing candidates.

This rules has been in effect since 1954, but is rarely enforced, in recent years, churches openly violating the rule have just simply received written warnings from the IRS, but no tax exemptions have been revoked, or court action taken. I think this is a bad idea entirely, and I felt the same way even as a Christian. I always felt that I could make up my own mind, research the candidates and what they believe, I didn't need someone, especially from a pulpit telling me who to vote for.

Where do you stand? Should the US government step in and challenge these ministers, or should it be between them and their congregants?

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