Monday, September 24, 2012

Any new ideas on how to promote the blog?

I've had a lot of success in promoting the blog on Google + , and on a local forum, I'm up to 541 Google followers, and the number of page views explode when I post a link to a post on the local discussion board, but I'm always looking for ways to reach out and promote the blog. You can never have enough readers.

Fellow blogger Godless Poutine has said that he uses the site StumbleUpon, has anyone else out there used it? Is it effective?

Should I use more social media, to make it easier for existing followers to add me and spread their favorite posts to friends? Should I start a blog page on Facebook and Twitter?

Please tell me your ideas, if you have any, and if you are a blogger, let me know what has worked for you in the past in generating readers.


  1. I use Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to promote my blog. I also selectively use stumbleupon and reddit. Commenting on other blogs helps. Above all, using good tags is what gives me the most traffic. Getting listed on the first page of search results is very important.

    You have to be a pimp for your blog. :) I assume your goal is similar to mine...write great posts that will be read by as many people as possible.

    40% of my blog traffic comes from Google search. Facebook brings another 10%. Twitter and Google+, not much. You are much more agressive with Google+ than I am.

  2. Well, G+ has proven to be a great source of views, I had been promoting the blog on a local website's discussion board, but it looks like the admins put a moratorium on that, my last blog related post was removed, which is a shame because I used to get about 40% of my views from there.

    I'm in talks with my good blogging friend, Godless Poutine to set up a guest post, and I'll write one for his blog eventually, that might generate traffic between the blogs.

    How do you get moved up on Google search?
    The only google search hits people come here from is on posts related to figures and institutions in the IFB movement, it seems like people are really hungry for information on them.

    1. Hi Sheldon,

      I will be opening my blog up to guest posts in the next couple of weeks. The IFB movement could very well be a fruitful topic for you to share with my audience.

      Google search seems to rely heavily on PR (Page Rank). You can download apps to check page ranks of different sites.

      A lot of it has to do with links going back into your blog.

    2. Writing a guest post for your blog sounds like a great idea, and it's something I've been thinking about recently :)

      I think I might just write about my story in coming to atheism as a whole. The IFB movement was just one chapter in my childhood.


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