Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Talk about Ironic....

I always check the stats on my blog, to see how many people are viewing the blog, and where they are coming from, what sites are referring them. I want to know if the promotion of my blog on Google +, and a local discussion board has been successful. This morning, I check the blog, and along with Google +, the discussion board, and a few spam sites linking to me, I find this little gem of irony. A Christian website put up a link to my post on blogger John Shore's article about the IFB movement on their their homepage (look for the Fundamentally Toxic Christianity link). That's right, a Christian, and from their statement of faith page, fundamentalist website is linking to good old agnostic me. Perhaps they didn't read enough of my blog, or they the irony that I am opposed to fundamentalism escapes them, (I usually get along well with liberal Christians, though even though I disagree with their religious views).

Oh well, maybe their readers will read more into my blog, and a few seeds of doubt can be planted (evil laugh). :)


  1. I occasionally have visitors from Christian blogs - but mostly liberal ones.

  2. I actually like a few liberal Christian blogs, don't always agree with them obviously.

    John Shore is great, as well as a lesser known blog known as "Commandments of Men"


    He's highly critical of fundamentalism.

    Also, Latebloomer/ Past Tense, Present Progressive, she's a former fundamentalist, and her story of her childhood is incredible. It's hard to tell where she stands now, it seems that she is trying to figure that out as well....



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