Monday, October 29, 2012

I Received An Incredible E-mail Today

told my Google + followers last night that I had sent an e-mail to Jonny Scaramanga, a musician , and the writer of one of my favorite blogs, Leaving Fundamentalism, asking if he could write a guest post for my blog.

 He has an incredible story of growing up in fundamentalism that includes a curriculum he was taught in a small private school called Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), which he writes about extensively on his blog, Growing up, he attended the church of internationally known "Word of Faith" minister, Jesse Duplantis, and as a teen, he played guitar for the church's worship team.

His blog has taken off, some posts have reached up to 16,000 views, and he has been interviewed about ACE by BBC radio, and wrote articles about it for the Times of London, if that gives you an idea of how big his blog is in the atheist blogging world.

That is why I consider it an incredible honor that he replied to my e-mail (which I wondered if would even be able to respond, as many e-mails as he must get each day), and said that he is willing to write a guest post for my humble little blog here. I'm still in shock about it, I've replied, and you can be sure, I'll announce it with big fan fare when the post is finally published.

Keep a watch out on the blog and on my personal Google + page, and on the blog's official Google page for further update. Keep in mind that you can submit a guest post of your own to this blog, and check out the guest posts page for posts that have been written for this blog, and for the two part guest post series I wrote for My Secret Atheist Blog.


  1. Alright!!! It shows you just got to go for whatever you want, Sheldon.

    1. Bazinga! It's a resounding success for the blog.

  2. Does look like a big and interesting blog. So it's great news to have him guest posting on yours! Nice work!


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