Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finding a Lot of Beauty In A Religion I Once Thought Was Evil

OK, maybe I made everyone depressed with my last post, but some things I just have to let out of my system. I'm trying not to be negative all the time, it's part of the reason why I keep begging for guest posts, it helps to add a little balance and fresh content to the blog.

Since I left my former beliefs behind, it's been like experiencing life all over again, there's so much I missed out on. There's many things that I have experienced in the last two years that I never would have been able to had I still locked myself mentally into the confines of my old narrow ways of thinking.

One thing that I have been introduced to since then is the beauty in the religion of Wicca. I know I keep linking to this too often, but in my guest post at My Secret Atheist Blog, I talk about how a Wiccan friend played a role in my de-conversion. That guest post series is practically my autobiography, anything you need to know about my past is there...... Godless Poutine, the author of My Secret Atheist Blog, interestingly enough, along with his wife, Kelly is a former Wiccan.

Once I got over my unease brought on by countless years of drilling into my head that Wicca = Satanism, I started to see just how beautiful of a religion it is, the imagery, the history, the open mindedness and tolerance of it's modern followers. It was kind of refreshing to see how open minded Wiccans are, both the one Wiccan that I do know in person, and those that I have encountered online. All I have encountered have been accepting of people for who they are, very liberal, but they never feel the need to push what they believe on anyone, (though they are happy to explain the faith to those that show an interest). Basically, they have all been everything that modern Christianity is not. This basically sums up the attitude on life that they have:

The "rule of three" is referring to the Wiccan belief that any attitude or action sent out will be returned times three, whether to the positive or negative. Actions that harm others will come back to you three time worse, actions done to help others will come back 3 times to the positive. 

The belief of "no harm done, do what ye will" is something that really appealed to me as someone who believes in personal liberty, and individual rights as a libertarian. I feel that if one's actions does not cause severe harm to others, it is not my place to interfere in someone else's life.

Despite what I find appealing about the faith, I'm too much of a skeptic as an agnostic to ever consider practicing Wicca as a faith, but it's interesting how what I had always been taught was evil is in reality something of beauty.

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