Monday, October 15, 2012

Why I Love Google +

Google + is like no other social network out there, and it's been great for promoting my blog, most of my early readers probably wouldn't even be reading the blog had they not found out about it on Google +.

I love how it's such an open format, and it's easy to share posts, and add people, with Google + "circles", you can send an invite to up to 500 people from a shared circle with two clicks.

What I really enjoy about Google + is the variety of people, and the fun I have interacting with them about the blog, anything I re-share from popular posts, and even my own personal rants in status lines.

Case in point is this, I put up a status ranting about the fact some of my followers were getting hit by what I like to call "report Nazis" , an obnoxious group of people who have nothing people to do than to get overly offended by people's post, and report them for it, causing Google to censor their posts. These people don't have the decency to simply remove people from following and/or block them if they don't like their posts, instead of reporting, and they're too cowardly to admit it was them when it happened.

Well, one Google + follower decided to be offensive as she could be, out of spite of these cowardly reporters, and the resulting conversation took a hilarious turn, with several other people joining in.

Eventually the post ended with a serious discussion on religion, but before it did, the content though funny, is not for the easily offended.....

I love my Google + followers! :)


  1. How about a serious discussion here...? I noticed one of your posters in the thread you're talking about mention that he "has a right to speak freely..." in reference to Google+. I didn't see where that idea was challenged in that thread, and it went far too long after that for me to want to go do it there. My question to you is this: Do you believe that people have "a right to speak freely" on G+? :)

    1. Erin,
      I simply must input my 2 cents worth here, as you have touched on a subject that I have very strong feelings about. RIGHTS. Everyone in America, whether they realize it or not, has the Constitutionally protected right to speak freely. Be it on Google+ or Yahoo messenger, facebook, Twitter, In real life... wherever. Many who have come before you and I, have fought and died to protect that, and many other rights that we enjoy, every single day.
      The "Report Nazis" on Google+ are attempting to set a precedent of intolerance and are trying to involve Google in the process. These weak minded and self serving people are being as un American as someone can be. They are trying to invoke censorship on others, trying to remove the Constitutionally protected right of other Americans to say whatever they want. I'll offer you an example. FUCK CENSORSHIP!!. Erin, you may or may not have been offended by my use of profanity. You have the right to NOT read anything else I have to say. You have the right to never read The Ramblings of Sheldon blog again as well. You have the right to reply to my words here, with a rebuttal of your own. But you do NOT have the right, to take my right to speak freely, away. NO ONE DOES.
      I see things on television, the internet, on billboards and hear things on the radio, everyday, that offend me. I exercise my right to simply change the channel, log out, look somewhere else or put a CD in my stereo. The right to free speech does not involve in any way, everyone agreeing with, approving or liking what everyone else has to say.
      I agree with Sheldons reply to you. Google is held in check by everyones right to use other social media. I agree that illegal posts such as Sheldon mentioned have no place in a civilized society. Even though I feel that way, it does NOT mean that those posts have no right to be posted. I do NOT agree with all the offensive things I see, hear... posted online or on t.v or wherever. But I will be the very first in line to defend to the death, anyone's right to speak freely.
      I believe the reason you did not see the posters comment challenged is because the posters comment is indefensible. The poster was absolutely right and there was NO argument.
      That's my 2 cents. Thanks for reading. Love yer blog page Sheldon!!

    2. Goby, you're reacting emotionally, unnecessarily to my question. Sheldon got exactly what I was asking, and replied in a way that was unemotional and stated his case pretty clearly.

      First, I don't take for granted that anyone "fought and died" for my ability to do/say whatever I please on _other people's property._ If I were to follow your logic, I would be well within my rights to put signs up in your yard that said, "Fuck the police" and "The only GOOD cop is a DEAD cop" and "Kill a cop, make the world a better place." You would leave those signs in your yard, right? Because you'd be interfering with my "right to free speech" (as you've seemingly defined it here) if you removed them.

      *I* wouldn't leave those signs in my yard, even if I _did_ agree with them. Why? Because it's _my_ property. And on _my_ property, you have no constitutionally protected right to anything... No right to freedom of religion, no right to freedom of speech, no right to assemble, nada. Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo messenger... They are all private services owned and operated by private individuals who are well within their rights as _owners_ to dictate rules about the behavior of others _on their property._ Google+ censoring _anything_ is not a violation of _anyone's_ rights. You are quite free to _not_ use Google+, or Facebook, or Twitter, etc., if you don't appreciate their censorship practices.

      Sheldon's problem is of a different nature. His problem is one of practicality. He refers to G+s apparent tendency to assume guilt and delete posts or suspend accounts _first_ rather than reviewing the case, determining whether or not it's a violation of the rules _all users agreed to when they created their accounts_ and _then_ suspending the account. It's lazy on their part. And it isn't fair. There's plenty there to be upset about. And I agree with his concern. Report Nazis know this and they abuse it in order to impose their own personal brand of censorship on _someone else's property._ That is _well outside_ their rights as users, and Google seems to busy or unconcerned to care. It's a very sad thing.

    3. I agree with your Erin. Goby, say you let me into your house, unless there's some legal contract saying that I have the right to enter any time I please, and stay as long as I want, if I do or say something that you don't approve of, legally you have every right to show me the door, and to have me arrested if I don't comply.

      Why? Because you own or rent the house, you are the legal owner or occupant, it's your property, and you have the right to make the decision there.

      Legally, the owner of a website has the same right to their virtual "property", they paid for everything, the domain name, the servers, etc, they bought and paid for it, it's theirs. They have the right to kick someone out or censor them. I may disagree with that, and I have every right to protest by saying so on the site (so long as they allow that to stand), or by making my choice to leave a site that supports such censorship, and encourage others to do the same. This helps hold the website owner accountable, they can do what they want, but losing customers will discourage them from censoring people. Nothing gets someone's attention better than hurting their bottom line.

      I think I might make a separate post on this tonight.

  2. My feelings, Erin. Of course, a website owner has the right to delete anything that they don't approve of, but I also have the right to leave the site, and go somewhere else if they become too restrictive, this holds website owners in check.

    I don't think Google actually was offended by these people's post, but they're bowing to pressure from over sensitive people who can't just mute/block someone and move on. That's what I object to, people need to grow up, and let people be if they're not harming anyone.

    I don't object, however to Google deleting posts that are illegal or cause extreme harm and disruption to the site, such as people being stalked/threatened, hacking attempts, spam, and child pornography. That needs to be deleted....


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