Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pit Bull Stops Kidnapping Attempt In Indiana

Pit Bulls often get a bad reputation, that I feel is much undeserved, and is mostly caused by humans who should be in a cage, instead of the dogs. There's few dogs that are as loyal to good owners than pit bulls.

pit bull, Indiana, Indianapolis
The family's Pit Bull
Case in point is a recent incident in Indiana where a pit bull stopped a kidnapping and robbery attempt. An immigrant couple in Indianapolis were going about their daily lives, the husband was at his job, the wife was at home, taking care of their 3 month old baby. Suddenly, a man and woman break through the front door demanding money, with the man holding a gun.

The scared homeowner tells them that she doesn't have any cash, and the man beats her over the head with a gun, while the woman grabs the 3 month old baby

As soon as the pair try to run out the door with the baby, one of the family's dogs, a grey pit bull stops them immediately. Scared by this sudden confrontation, the would be kidnappers give the baby back quickly, and ran out another door.

Read more about this attempted robbery and kidnapping at the website of Indianapolis TV station Wish TV

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