Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Christmas Wishes

I'm sure as that I am typing this, most of my North American readers won't even be reading it until later. Right now, they are either asleep, or getting ready to start the day. Plenty of food, family, and presents to go around. I got my Christmas celebrating done yesterday due to scheduling issues, and it went much better than I thought.

You have probably read my past grumpiness about Christmas, but I do celebrate it anyway, mostly due to family and the fact that you just can't escape from Christmas in the US, it's deeply embedded in the culture. It turned out better than I expected.

For some reason, the family hasn't stressed as much their mixing of fundamentalism with Christmas, and this year was the least mixing of the two that I have ever seen.

I don't know what is behind this, because they have no idea about my loss of faith, but it was great. Enjoying Christmas, just because it's Christmas. Food (including an incredible spiral cut honey glazed ham), family and presents. It was a better Christmas than it has been in years, Christmas with no religious baggage hanging over our heads, just happiness for it's own sake.

I hope you have a great Christmas today, by now you are probably opening the presents (more than likely with your children), having a great meal, and enjoying the great time. If you aren't having a good Christmas, no matter what the circumstances, I hope that will change, and that you will find peace and happiness.

My Christmas wish is that humanity would advance, and that we would learn to respect each other. That for once, we will remember that we are all human beings with hope and dreams. Though hatred in the world will never go away (I'm a realist), I hope that in the next generation or two that it will start to fade around the world. I hope that it will fade to the point that those who hate are the outcasts instead of the norm, and that my nation will become more accepting of people for who they are, and quit interfering in wars and the affairs of nations around the world.

Next year, I also hope that more Americans will start demanding that our soldiers should be home with their families instead of fighting wars, and that they will hold politicians who support these wars accountable for their actions. It's time our soldiers should get to enjoy time with their families  and get to live in peace, instead of spending more Christmas seasons on battlefields. It's all a dream, but it can happen.

 This Christmas season, I also hope that more of you out there remember to help those who are going without. Spread a little cheer this year. Do you have an elderly neighbor who doesn't have family to spend time with this Christmas? Invite them over. Do you know a family who will have a hard time getting presents for their kids? Be Santa today. Spread the cheer, make someone's holiday brighter.

Merry Christmas to all, if you celebrate it,



  1. I am a 30 yr. old female living in Belleville, Illinois and am a former student of an IFB-ran school. I've been desperately Googling the names of staff and teens who worked at or attended the school all to no avail. I'm curious to hear more about other people's experiences through these institutions. I'm also curious as to whether or not we may have crossed paths at some point. I'd like to talk with you more if at all possible. shellystone138@yahoo.com is my email address, feel free to contact me if and ever you feel up to it.

    1. If you're from Belleville, I think I know the exact school you were a part of, scary.

      I'm going to send you an e-mail now.


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