Saturday, January 12, 2013

Insanity Knows No Limits

This is an actual screen shot from Google + from a fundamentalist, I think it speaks for itself:

fundamentalism, Uganda

If you want to read the originial post instead of a screen shot, here it is.

It gets better, he calls a person who says he's going to report him a "pedophile" 

fundamentalism, Uganda

For the record, I don't agree with reporting him to Google, I prefer free and open speech, even if what is being said is repulsive. I would much rather prefer that someone uncircle and block a person instead of report them, unless they are threatening/harassing people. 

This guy also has an obssesion with bodily functions, if you couldn't tell from the first picture:

fundamentalism, Uganda, kill the gays, kill the gays bill, homophobia

Also, it appears that just like Mike Huckabee, he blames the Newtown massacre on seperation of church and state:

Newtown, school shooting, Mike Huckabee

Maybe I should give the guy a bit of a break since he is from Uganda, a nation full of both Christan and Islamic fundamentalism. It's the same country that nearly passed a law that critics called the"kill the gays" bill,  which would have made it possible for someone to be executed for being gay, and would have set a penalty of to three years in prison for someone who knew another person was gay, but didn't report it promptly to police. I would just blame his opinions on the fact that he is from Uganda, but some fundamentalists US are not far behind in their support of barbaric practices.

There are people who are trying to make a difference in Uganda, including a school called the Kasese Humanist Primary School, which one of my favorite bloggers, Godless Poutine is a supporter of. Make sure to check out that school, they are doing some great work there in education, and in providing for basic physical needs as well (they planted a vegetable garden and started a chicken coop for food for the students).

There may be some out there for this world, even though some people's insanity makes me feel like this somedays:

Sheldon's note: I found this man's profile because of a post by a Google + follower of mine, Melissa Tennyson, who was baffled by this guy's behavior and statements. I did have her prermission to credit her for poitning this out, so long as I stated that she considers herself to be a spiritual person, and isn't trying to take any sides (in arguments about religion)


  1. I've talked with Shana before. At first I thought he was a Poe, but he's for real. I never know quite how to engage him since he comes from a very different culture. When dealing with people outside the US or the UK, I'm a little worried that successfully converting them may actually make their life worse, because I just don't know their situation.

    1. ...and it's probably hard to understand someone from that culutre.

  2. Swimming in sin? Steeper than Niagara Falls? Now I'm getting a mental image of daredevils in Hell, going over Niagara Falls in barrels shouting "weeeeee"!


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