Friday, February 15, 2013

Confessions of a Former John Piper Fan

That is what I intended the title of my guest post at The Way Forward, Bruce Gerencser's blog to be. Instead, just like I did with my guest post at Leaving Fundamentalism, I copy/pasted from Google Drive, and forgot to mention the title. (The guest post at Leaving Fundamentalism was originally intended to have the title of "Jumping on Cassettes", if you read that post, you will find out why)

Oh well...

John Piper, Sovereign Grace Ministries

The title I originally wrote came from the fact that it talks about a time in my life where someone close to me got me into the teachings of Baptist minister John Piper (pictured at left).

The were some aspects of his teaching,  that would have repulsed me even as a fundamentalist, the details of which I didn't find out until recently.

Read the guest post over at The Way Forward. Click here.


  1. I was reading Piper's bit on Christian Hedonism.
    "It is clear when Jesus says “expect nothing in return” that we should not be motivated by worldly aggrandizement, but we are given strength to suffer loss by the promise of a future reward."

    I do good things despite the knowledge that it will probably get me into trouble, and with no expectation of future reward.

    Wow, seeing that in print make me think I'm crazy (though less of a bastard than Piper).

    1. Ha ha ha!

      Yes, religions are based in the principle of sacrifice everything now, and you'll be rewarded in the next life. Piper focuses a lot on the idea of total surrender, he is a Calvinist after all, and that true joy can only come through total surrender, and by focusing all of life's energy on pleasing god.


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