Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gay Marriage Bill Clears Crucial Hurdle in Illinois Legislature

A bill that would make Illinois the 10th state to legalize gay marriage passed an important committee vote yesterday. The backers of the bill want it to come up for a vote before the full Illinois Senate on Valentine's Day.

Once the bill goes before the full legislature, it's not a matter of it, but when it will be passed.

This gives me a small bit of pride on my state for once, there's not much to be proud of about Illinois' state government, as I pointed out in my post on high taxes, corruption and under funding of schools last week.

The corruption, which has been ongoing in Illinois for generations, is still running strong, just this week, the former county treasurer for Madison county in southwest Illinois plead guilty to federal charges.

 He was rigging bids in auctions where properties were being sold for past due property taxes, to give campaign contributors an unfair advantage.

At least there's something to celebrate now, in several weeks, gay couples will be celebrating the fact that they will have the same rights as everyone else in the state, no more dealing with "civil unions" laws that are often not actually equal to marriage.

 It's a new day, a new start, and a major milestone. When this is passed, I'll be glad, but there's still 40 more state to go in the US, the fight is not over.


  1. That is great news! We need to see more of this happening in "middle America" and not just on the coasts! Hopefully, this will pass soon and without too much of a pubic and bitter fight!

    1. You say "middle America" as though I'm in Arkansas ;)

      Illinois is no New York or California, but the legislature does lean heavily left, it's mostly dominated by Chicago area politicians, and the rest of the state is made of moderate working class Democrats.

      Now we just need marijuana legalized (it's not allowed even for medical reasons right now), and for the politicians to have a little sense when it come to money. ;)

      The first happen in the next few years (there's a big movement for it to happen), but the second, oh well.... The next generation might see that happen.


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