Friday, March 1, 2013

God Is Going to Give You a Million Dollars! Pat Robertson Said So!

On his show, the 700 Club last week, Pat Robertson said that god told him that god was going to give a fan of the show one million dollars.
“God is going to supply a million dollars, somebody is praying right now, right this second,” Robertson said, his eyes closed in prayer. 
 “You’re praying for a million dollars and God said, ‘I have heard your prayer, I know your need, and I’m going to supply the need that you requested.’ It’s done, in Jesus’s name.”

This is not the only outrageous statement he has made in recent weeks (of course not), in a question and answer segment on his show, he told a follower that demons can attach themselves to thrift store clothes:

Can demonic spirits attach themselves to inanimate objects? The answer is yes. But I don’t think every sweater you get from Goodwill has demons in it.
… It isn’t going to hurt you to rebuke any spirits that happen to have attached themselves to those clothes.

I'm sorry, Pat, but yes, it does hurt, because the very fact that we have people in this world who still believe that demons exist in the first place, and that donated clothes need to have an exorcism done on them is frightening.

This kind of superstition should have died out hundreds of years ago, and this kind of thinking is what is holding the US back, we are the most anti-science culture in the Western world, and this kind of superstitious thinking, and belief in Creationism, etc is why. It makes me wonder how many more scientific advancements could have been made if it wasn't for this kind of culture that we have now.

How much farther along in not only scientific progress, but social progress (such as legalizing gay marriage), would we be if it wasn't for people like Pat Robertson and his followers? The tide is turning against them, though in a big way, and that gives me some hope for the future.

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