Friday, March 29, 2013

Loss of Faith: My Guest Post at The Wartburg Watch

This is only my second time writing for a Christian website (the last time is when I was interviewed by liberal christian blogger Lana of Wide Open Ground).

I have have been reading TWW for a while now, and though I obviously don't agree with them on spiritual matters, I applaud the courage of the writers, Dee and Deb in their willingness to confront the problems within evangelical and fundamentalist circles.

They are not afraid to take on issues like young earth creationismpatriarchal pastors, cult groups like Sovereign Grace Ministries, or churches that try to protect pedophiles. I also admire their willingness to listen  to former Christians like me and Christian Agnostic, and let us explain why we have left the faith. The site has become a refuge for people who have been pushed around by fundamentalist/evangelical churches, whether they are agnostic, questioning/doubting, or still Christian.
It's a very unique website, and an example of what Christianity should be, in my opinion. Check out the post,  the opening is Dee's commentary, they titled it Easter Church Attendance and a Story of the Loss of Faith.

(In the interest of full disclosure, if the writing sounds a little familiar to you as a longtime reader, it's because I adapted it from a guest post I wrote in January for the blog Leaving Fundamentalism)

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