Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Gay Teen in the IFB: Jonathan Nichol's Story

I recently ran across a great story of a man who was a gay teen in the Independent Fundamental Baptist  (IFB) cult. His family was IFB through and through, he attended a high school ran by one of their churches, he was well on his way to attending Bob Jones University, one of their flagship colleges, life seemed all good and well.

That is, until he gave up being in denial about being a gay teen, started a relationship with a Bob Jones student, and was outed by a friend to his pastor and family.

His hopes of going to Bob Jones went up in smoke, and he had to leave his family behind. He has made a nice life for himself though, he is now active in the former IFB community online, and has started over in life, ironically enough, settling down in Greenville, South Carolina, only 5 miles from Bob Jones University. He sounds like a great guy,  I wish him all the best in life, and I'm glad that he has been able to get a fresh start in life.

If you want to read his story, check it out on the site, it's a support site for LGBT people who are currently in fundamentalism, or have already left. Read both part 1 and part 2 of his story, it's a great read.

Hat tip to Bruce Gerencser for this link.


  1. lol. In the back door, eh? poor guy.

  2. Jonathan is actually going to be attending Vassar College in the fall. We're very proud of him and very grateful to be a part of his support network. You might be interested to read some of the other personal stories on our site at BJUnity supports six decades of LGBT+ alumni and former students.

    Jeffrey Hoffman
    Executive Director
    the affirming alternative for LGBT+ alumni and students of Bob Jones University

  3. Thanks for stopping by!

    I've read your blog, and I love your mission!


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