Friday, September 20, 2013

Yes, There Are Some Things That Actually Make Me Happy…..

I complain a lot on this blog, and there are many things that frustrate me about this world, especially the common social rituals that I find to be absolutely pointless, but there are actually a few things I enjoy about this great world we live in.

Grumpy Cat:

There’s just something that is incredibly funny about Grumpy Cat, that half annoyed, half depressed look on her face, I know it’s just the way her face happens to be shaped, she’s not really angry all the time, but it still looks funny, especially once someone makes a meme of her with a sarcastic saying. Grumpy Cat is one meme series that never gets old for me, unlike some other meme series that have come and gone.

Control + Z

Whoever came up with the idea deserves some recognition. All you have to do is press the Control button and Z at the same time, and whatever mistake you made while typing something is undone. I especially appreciate this, because I use Excel often at work, and if I happened to accidentally delete a cell on a spreadsheet, or type something else in it’s place, that I shouldn’t have, a press of two simple, easy to remember keys will undo it. It’s a wonderful invention.

Pit Bulls

I have discussed on the blog in the past how I can understand dogs much better than people, and I do enjoy most dogs, especially large and medium size dogs, but I really have a fondness for pit bulls.

 They are the most misunderstood and maligned off all dog breeds. Yes, they are much stronger than other dogs, and can do more damage when they attack, but unless one has been abused, trained to fight, or not properly trained from a young age, they truly are no worse for aggression than other large dog breeds like Labs or Collies. The best proof of this is that the CDC recently finished a study of statistics from localities with and without pit bull bans or extreme regulation of pit bulls, and found that pit bull bans did absolutely nothing to reduce the frequency of dog attacks overall.

There’s few sights that are more fun to see to me than a happy pit bull, the way they act when they are excited, and want you to pet them, they’re jumping around, and giving off that high pitch yelp, wanting you to come over to them. It’s odd the way it feels when you pet them. Since they barely have any fur (their fur is probably about ¼ inch thick or less), instead of feeling like a dog’s coat normally does, it feels like really smooth skin.

Incidents where awful people get what they deserve.

Recently, an awful neighbor of mine got her house foreclosed on, and back in December, she had a van repossessed. You can read those posts about how awful of a neighbor she was, I won’t go into more detail here, but I’ll just say I was glad to see her go. It’s a nice sight seeing a roll off dumpster in their driveway, full of junk that they left behind for a clean up crew hired by their bank to toss out. I just hope for my dad’s sake that there isn’t any more hoosiers that move in after the house is sold.

Recently, I got some more good news about the downfall of someone I couldn’t stand. One of the two bosses who run my shift at work was fired. No one quite knows why, not even his fellow warehouse floor supervisors, but it doesn’t matter, he’s gone, and that’s what I’m happy about. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m in the guard shack, in kind of an island by myself out there, I wouldn’t have been able to tolerate working on that shift.

I couldn’t stand his smug arrogance, his attitudes towards women, his favoritism in job assignments, giving the best positions to his friends, and his general incompetence, and blame shifting whenever he was called out on his stupidity. I have a very low tolerance for arrogant people, if you think you are all that, don’t act like it, prove it. Usually arrogant people aren’t as smart and as capable as they would like you to believe, and they are usually rather insecure as well.

He didn’t like me either, I think he could sense how I felt about him, and he was one of those extremely neurotypical people who can’t tolerate anyone who sticks out from the crowd in any way. We eventually both seemed to figure out that it was best if we both kept our distance from each other, which due to my job position, was relatively easy to do. If you were wondering, he is not the same boss who asked me about my deconversion when he heard about it. He’s still here, and a floor supervisor was brought in from another shift to help him out, both are OK as bosses.

Affection/long hugs

It may seem strange, especially if you have read my popular post, Personal Space Invaders, but I do enjoy it in right contexts. I can’t stand it even when someone I do know well touches me, even family members, but if affection is coming from a girlfriend when I am in a relationship, or a close female friend that I really trust, then it feels…. well, incredible doesn’t even begin to describe it.  

It’s really odd that I react in such a way, but that’s who I am. In those contexts, it not only just physically feels really good, but it works well in calming me down, it makes me feel highly relaxed and loved.

Peach tea

I can’t drink soda anymore, I had quit drinking it for some time, and then it seems like my acquired taste for it just ended. All that sugar and flavorings in it just seem overwhelming and odd tasting to me, and will often wreck me stomach for hours afterwards. Now, when I’m at a gas station or restaurant, I’ll try to find out if there is raspberry or peach tea available. I have really started to enjoy Lipton’s peach tea, and I recently had Snapple’s version, which is made from green and black tea leaves, with the peach flavoring added, it’s a really good mix.

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