Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Recovering Grace Founders Speak to Christian Radio Show About Bill Gothard

I regrettably hadn't kept up with the recent news about cult leader Bill Gothard, who was coming under fire because of revelations by the Christian watchdog group Recovering Grace that he had been sexually abusing teen girls for nearly 40 years.

I hadn't updated the blog about some of the recent developments, since my last post about him, Oak Brook College of Law, an institution that he founded, officially cut ties with him and his organizations, and most importantly, Gothard has resigned from the boards of IBLP and ATI, the cornerstones of his empire.

Recently, Recovering Grace founders Dr. John Cornish and Kari Underwood, both survivors of his cult spoke to "Issues Etc." a Christian radio show in the Midwest about their time in the cult, what they saw during their time there, recent developments regarding Gothard, and their work to expose the toxic teachings of his organizations Institute of Basic Life Principles, and Advanced Training Institute.

He had some rather odd, and disturbing teachings that I have talked about before, including his disturbing teaching about sexual abuse, his support for Christians following Old Testament food laws, and his opposition to birth control.

Now over 50 women have come forward to speak out about what Bill Gothard had done to them (with more come forward by the day), and Dr. Cornish and Mrs. Underwood talk about how frighteningly similar many of their accounts have been, and talk about how he carried out the abuse, and how he always liked to have teen girls surrounding him at all times at his headquarters.

The full episode is available on the website of the Issues, Etc. show. I will advise you that this show is very openly evangelical (there was a commercial about supporting "traditional marriage" when I listened to it), but this interview is worth listening to for more information of Bill Gothard.

Listen to the full episode here 


  1. I'm eager to listen to this. Thanks for sharing the link with us.

    1. If I was on Twitter anymore, I would have tagged you.

    2. your not on twitter anymore?

  2. I'll be giving it a listen.

    Why aren't you on twitter any more?

    1. I had gotten tired of the 140 character limit and some of the drama going on in the ex-fundie world over there.

      I think I might show up on Twitter more often now than I used to, especially since I'm the middle of dealing with hassles from Google +. My account there was suspended for "impersonating someone".

      How can you impersonate someone who doesn't actually exist, you dimwits?


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