Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fundamentalist Book Firing Squad

I have begun clearing out some old books that were given to me by Mr. and Mrs. Psycho. Most were rather harmless, westerns, mysteries, etc, that I hadn't gotten around to reading yet. Some however, as you might expect were very fundamentalist in nature, and there were a few including a book from SBC leader Albert Mohler, that I had bought myself over the years.

I was inspired to clean out the bookshelves upon going to a used bookstore in my town, where I found books like these buried in the shelves.

Yes, that James Dobson.

I had already had some sinister plans in mind for the few books I bought of his, but Ryan Stollar of Homeschoolers Anonymous needed them for research, so off to California they went. I have been playing with pellet guns recently, growing up, anything remotely resembling a weapon was not allowed, even long before my father's mental health issues.

Which seems rather hypocritical of a rule coming from someone who had no qualms about beating me senseless.... but I digress. It's become quite the pointless hobby for me, and I didn't want those Dobson books going possibly into the hands of a gullible parent if given away, and I didn't want the same to happen to the fundamentalist books I have. You can probably see where this is going. 

Any last words, book?
It would be a fun way to get rid of the books and have some target practice. So, I loaded up my Co2 powered pellet gun, and this happened.

I find it interesting that in the video I can see where the pellets are going when they ricochet, normally it happens to fast for me to see it happen. Trying to find pellets after they bounce in my basement is a game unto itself. I have to say, it was indeed cathartic, I fired several more clips into it, it looked like this by the time I was done.

If you are ex fundamentalist yourself, what did you do with the books, videos, clothing, etc from that time of your life?


  1. Since I deconverted in my early teens, I don't have many books from those days. However, I like to pick up Religious Right books during my infiltrations, in the hopes of reading said books and reviewing them at my blog. About a dozen Religious Right books are sitting on my bookshelf, waiting for me to clear out my blog backlog and review them. 'Dominion!" by C. Peter Wagner, "The Lamb and the Fuhrer" by Ravi Zacharias, and "Noble Savages" by R.J. Rushdoony are among the titles.

    I chuckled at the video of you shooting the book with a pellet gun. If it brings you catharsis, go for it!

    Ryan Stollar needs books for research? I'm assuming books on Christian homeschooling?

    1. He needed the Dobson books for research. I'm surprised that he didn't have any.

  2. I burned my IBLP book, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants.


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