Sunday, September 2, 2012

A few good pages and articles I have stumbled across lately.

I always like to share good blog articles, and great things that I find on the internet, and here's today's list.

I'm happy to find out that The Onion is on Google +. If you are not familiar with the Onion, they are a news parody website, poking fun at the news and political stories of the day, as well as making up their own bogus news stories. They have been laughing at the news since 1988, when they started as a print publication, and the website started in 1996, according to Wikipedia, 7.5 million people view the site each month.

I stumbled across the Google + page for tech blogger "Nixie Pixel" recently, I had never heard of her before. She works in the IT industry for Revision3 Corporation, is a avid Linux fan, and has a bit of a sense of humor about technology, for example, see this post . Visit her page, and make sure to take a look through the profile's photo albums, you won't be disappointed ;)

The Friendly Atheist:

I've been a fan of Patheos atheism blogger Hemant Metha aka The Friendly Atheist for a while now, I enjoy the direct, yet classy posting style that he has in his posts. Besides being a blogger, he is a Chicago area math teacher, and chairman of the atheist charity Foundation Beyond Belief.

Here's two great posts he has written lately.

The Man Who Could Have Become the Pope

Italian Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini died several days ago, he was considered a serious contender to become pope after John Paul II died. His liberal views often put him at odds with other clergyman. He openly criticized everything everything from clergy clothing and rituals ( he called them "pompous"), to the worldwide pedophilia scandals and attempted cover up, "The church must admit its mistakes and begin a radical change, starting from the pope and the bishops”. He also took far more liberal views on social issues than most of the clergy.

Why can't this atheist accept her husband's loss of faith?

Hemant Metha responds to a New York Times article. The woman in the article claims to be an atheist, married a Christian man, and responds in a rather unusual way when her husband gives up her faith. She's very confused and conflicted in her beliefs despite her professed atheism, and seems somewhat self-loathing as well. I can't get over laughing at his line in the article: "Ugh… an atheist who accepts Pascal’s Wager. That’s gotta be just one level above S.E. Cupp." 

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