Friday, September 21, 2012

Gay Marriage Opponent Says Elderly and Infertile Couples Should Not Marry

Comments re posted with the permission of the follower of my blog who made them.
I have removed his name here on the blog so that Google bots will store it in cached form, without any ability for  the name to be removed later.

I usually don't get comments to posts directly on the blog posts, with few exceptions, recently one of my favorite bloggers, Godless Poutine, stopped by, and he made some comments on previous posts, he probably noticed a high number of views coming from my blog because of my mention of his fundraising efforts for an elementary school in Uganda.

Most comments, what few I get, usually come through my Google + page for my blog. Most of the time, there's a few neutral or supportive comments, a few jokes, but not often have I gotten a comment in disagreement. No problem, I don't mind, in fact it's great that I get comments in disagreement, it gets the conversation going. I got a comment disagreeing with my stance in my last blog post regarding Chick Fill A, and it's possible change in stance on homosexuality.

 This man was rather polite and civil, a good discussion gets going about his opposition to gay marriage. I thought I heard it all when it came to opposition to gay marriage until he made the common anti-gay marriage argument that gays should not be allowed to marry because they can't have children naturally, I asked him in elderly and infertile couples shouldn't be allowed to marry for the same reasons. His response:

(Name removed for reasons I stated at beginning of post)

Yesterday 11:45 PM
"So elderly or infertile straight couples shouldn't get married?"

Yes. Marriage is about building the foundation for a family capable of raising and supporting children. If you're married with the intention of having kids and can't, that's one thing, but marrying without ever having the intention - or the possibility - of having kids is another.

I'll leave the commenting on this one up to you. Original conversation is here. (9th comment down)


  1. The scary and horrifying thought is that he believes what he is saying.

  2. For sure, Jackie, that's true...
    Btw, I'm now following you on Google +.


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