Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reactions to Libya embassy attack

I don't get what it is about Islam being the most easily offended religion in the world. Of course many religious people get offended quite often, but the relative ease of offending Islam, and the extreme reactions from Muslims are without equal in the world. I've never heard of Buddhists rioting and burning embassies because someone made a mocking representation of Buddha. (Maybe it has happened before, but apparently not in modern times, I've never heard of such a things). Sure, people claiming to be Christian have committed violence in the modern era, (remember Eric Robert Rudolph the Olympic Park Bomber?), but such violence usually is rare, and is part of a militant movement, not usually a reaction to a specific event, or offending incident (and usually most in Christianity condemn such violence, and don't try to make excuses for the people committing the violence). Say what you will about Christianity, it's my former faith, so I know how bad many of the fundamentalists can be, but at least it's left it's violent past behind for the most part.

Maybe all this is violence is due to that Islam is a religion that was created for the purpose of world domination, all that constant clamoring for war, plus Islam's violent history makes people itching for a fight, and eager for an excuse for war. When you get that many angry, gullible people under one umbrella, bad things can happen, as Voltaire said: "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities" How very true.

The libertarian side in me wants to say that we just just get out of the Middle East all together, I know Islam is violent anyway, but having US troops in many Middle East nations isn't helping anything.Terrorist groups often use anger at the fact that foreign troops are in their nations to whip up hatred against the US, and recruit more members. For instance, when Ayatollah Khomeini tried to recruit people to revolt against the Shah of Iran in the 1970's with propaganda urging people to take part in his "holy war", not many people showed up, but when he brought up the fact that the unpopular shah was put in power by the US and England during the CIA/MI6 backed Operation Ajax coup of 1953 (click the link to read about that interesting bit of history most people have never heard about), he not only got himself quite a few followers, but people we so enraged, it led to the 1979 US embassy invasion and hostage taking. Bin Laden also used a similar strategy to recruit followers in the 90's, with his constant railing against US troop presence in his homeland of Saudi Arabia, which is also home to Islam's holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

I say let's get out, and let the Middle East be it's regular (let's go back 1,000 years) backwards self. Our presence in the Middle East is only fanning the flames even more, and Muslims over there already fighting among themselves so much, that maybe they'll forget that we exist.... well maybe until someone comes up with another insult to Islam. Anyway, it's not our place to interfere in the Islamic world, and I'm tired of so many people of my generation coming back dead or wounded and for what? Don't you think that we have already done enough to avenge 9-11? Most of the original Al-Qaeda network no longer exists, most of it's members (including Bin Laden himself) are dead or left scattered,  and the Taliban was thrown out of power (though they're trying to make a comeback). Why should we still be in Afghanistan 11 years now after 9-11? Why should we still be in Iraq 8 years after the fact that we never should have invade that country by any means in the 1st place? To "spread democracy and freedom"? I don't think they want it, thank you very much, and if they do want democracy, they don't want our Western form of it. Just look at the elections in the Palestinian  territories that put the terrorist group Hamas into power a few years ago, or the recent Egyptian elections which put the fundamentalist/pro-jihad party, Islamic Brotherhood into power.

If we're selling democracy here, they're not buying it, at least not in the form we think of!

It's time for us leave the Middle East, bring the troops home.

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