Monday, October 22, 2012

An Interesting Argument Against "Intelligent Design"

I ran across this on Google + recently, and thought it was worth sharing with my readers:

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Read the post with comments in it's entirety here:

This one is coming from Facebook with direct credit to Michael Z Williamson AKA Mad Mike so I quote

"The African Wild Dog:

The African Wild Dog is, of course, a dog. A pack hunter, they eat by chasing around a herd until they find a slow or young gazelle, then start nipping at it. Once they get a couple of nips at the hamstrings, the animal will usually stumble or slow. Then others attack, tearing bits from the thighs, genitals and underbelly, and proceeding to eat. Unlike the leopard, which usually suffocates its prey or breaks its neck, they will rip open the hide and consume the animal while it shrieks in pain for up to half an hour. Even the big Eland fear the Wild Dog, to the point where they'll approach human hunters with guns, risking a quick, humane kill over being eaten alive. They know what pain is, and they're afraid of it. They know humans generally find the dogs repulsive and will drive them off.

So here's my question: what purpose does this pain serve? How does humanity, the Earth, the universe, the prey or the dog benefit from an animal shrieking in agony as its balls and guts are eaten in front of its dying face? For what benefit would a "loving god" "intelligently design" this process?

Take your time."

This goes back to a question I have for personal reasons battled with a long time myself simply and not so simply why would a loving deity allow the good, innocent and undeserving to suffer. My reply to his post was that I had felt and seen too much suffering to even play devils (gods?) advocate even in jest.

(emphasis mine)

Sheldon's Note:

What do you think of this argument? What would be the responses that advocates of creationism/intelligent design would try to counter with?

Hat tip to James Halfhorse, a Google + follower for sharing this.


  1. There is no viable response a creationist could use. They can try but, short of claiming god moves in mysterious ways, they have nothing.

    1. ..or that the suffering of animals shouldn't matter to anyone. That's about all I can think of.

  2. Animals have no souls, so their pain doesn't matter?

    It's a preview of what unbelievers will experience in Hell?

    I can't think of any way to reconcile this with the proposition of a loving creator deity either.

    1. "Animals have no souls, so their pain doesn't matter?"

      That's along the lines of what I was thinking.

      "It's a preview of what unbelievers will experience in Hell?"

      Or the old "fallen world due to sin" standby

      "I can't think of any way to reconcile this with the proposition of a loving creator deity either."

      One of my major problems with most religions is that they depict their deity as being either just or merciful.
      Looking at the world around me, both seem ludicrous.

  3. Animals have no souls or "Its just a horse" was the one that always lost me... and caused me to disown my family for a while. Was the reason I still grieve and why over this topic itself I shut god out for so many years. I still have not gotten a good answer and if there is an after life if I just get one question its going to be to ask this one. "Why did she have to die that way, why did you take her" This is very hard for someone who sits on the fence as the only ways you can look at it are 1. God exists and is a sadistic bastard, 2 God does not exist and it is what it is or 3. which is the usual answer I get that it is beyond my understanding and a part of life.. you will get the answers in the afterlife. 5 years... in a few weeks 6 years and still no answers and it does not hurt any less.

    1. My sympathies :(

      I know it's trite, but there isn't much more than can be said...

    2. Thank you. It is a lot kinder than many who say "Its just a horse"


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