Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Behind the Veil: Youtube Video Claims to be Secret Recording of Mormon "Endowment Ceremony"

There's a video going around Youtube that claims to be a surreptitious recording of a Mormon ceremony known as the "Endowment Ceremony", the Mormon church is highly secretive about it's ceremonies, and members are not supposed to speak with non-Mormons about the ceremonies.
I make no claims as to whether or not this video is authentic, but it has been going around the internet, even making it to the popular atheism blog The Friendly Atheist.

The video contains subtitles describing what is happening in the ceremonies as they happen. If the video is genuine, it's important for this to come out, because a member of this religion may become the next US president. Is there any ex-Mormons out there that can vouch for the validity of this video?

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