Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Salute to Steel

I've noticed a new trend of poetry blogs popping up on Google + lately, and plans are in the works to bring content from two of those bloggers onto this blog, but in the meantime, I thought I would try it myself. I need something to help get me my mind off of the constant ramblings about religion that I have doing lately.

In my hometown, Granite City, Illinois, there's a large steel plant that was once an independent operation known simply as Granite City Steel, now it is a part of the US Steel conglomerate. It's a major part of the city, and the town is literally wrapped around the plant. It is such a major employer in the area that when it shut down for several months about 3 years ago due to lack of demand, no one in the town did not have a neighbor, friend or relative that was out of work because of it.

Salute to Steel:


In a town outside St. Louis called Granite City, there is a sight that catches the eye

Large columns of towers pump steam into the sky

As workers in grayish blue uniforms every day walk inside

The sign outside says "US Steel"

While the threat of life changing accidents inside is very real

Drivers wait as steel goes out on rail

Not realizing that it could end up rebuilding a bridge later on down their trail

Here hard hats and lunchboxes reign supreme 

As workers continuously build the American dream.


  1. It's good! The only critique that I have is that most of what is coming out of the "towers" is steam. ;)

    1. Mostly steam, I can't imagine all of that is clean air, just smell it :)


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