Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Randomness

I'm sure that you're used to my randomness around here, after all, the blog is called Ramblings of Sheldon.
Here's a few great things that I have ran across online, that I just wanted to share.

Bruce Gerencser hits it out of the park as always with his post If God is Pro-Life, Why Did He Kill So Many Children? , in which he takes on the pro-life movement, and asks that if pro-lifers think it's God's will to protect human life, why do they worship a God who has taken so many lives throughout history?

It's time for a little humor after reading that, here's Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies talking about his nearly life long struggle with depression, and how good we actually have it in Western nations, even though we may not think that we do.... This is one of his milder routines, but he is Australian, so his comedy is not for the easily offended, that's what I have always enjoyed about him.

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