Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Only Time I Am Happy to Hear the Word "Layoffs"

...are when they are happening at an IFB institution. Today, the blog Stuff Fundies Like, a blog/forum for former IFB members, re posted this video from Youtube. The President of Hyles-Anderson college announced layoffs of some of their staff. He tries to put a positive spin on it, and he is slick (maybe he should have gotten into the PR business, or become a politician's spokesman instead), but these layoffs are quite revealing. It shows that either enrollment is down at Hyles-Anderson, or people have been leaving First Baptist Hammond, and taking their money with them.

I highly doubt that tithe money coming in has been going down among regular members, one thing that FBC Hammond and the IFB movement stress as one of the most important aspects of daily life within the group is donating to the church. They actually go so far as to go through their accounting records, and if they notice a member has reduced or ended their tithing, they send a letter inquiring why, and if they get no response to the letter, a staff member or a ranking member of the church will personally contact the member to question them about it. I'm serious, it happened to my sister about the time that she finally gave up the IFB movement, and ended her donations to them.

Perhaps this loss of students or church members is due to Jack Schaap's guilty plea, if so, I hope that the frustrated people that are leaving, will leave this cult for good, instead of bouncing around to IFB churches and colleges. Maybe that's too much wishful thinking, but I have to hold out hope sometimes....

Authors note: If you are unfamiliar with the IFB movement, and this post doesn't make much sense to you, visit my page, Exposing the IFB for archives of my past posts on them, and resources where you can find out more about this dangerous group.

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