Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Godless Poutine's Wife Tells Her Story

If you have been a fan of the blog for any length of time, you have seen me talk about  My Secret Atheist Blog, it's one of my favorite blogs, I always enjoying reading his perspective on atheism, and everyday life on Montreal. Like most Americans, I'm really not all that familiar with Canada, and his blog is rather enlightening on daily life up there. His post for today is a guest post, written by his wife, Kelly, who is also a blogger herself (check out the bio landing page for her blogs).
She writes about her life story, her childhood, becoming a neo-pagan as a teen, marrying a fellow Wiccan, (the author of My Secret Atheist Blog, Godless Poutine), and then the both of them losing their faith. It's a great story, check it out!. Losing My Religion? Or Shit Happens.


  1. No problem, Poutine, I know how hard it is to get pageviews as a blogger, I've found some success on reddit, generating page views, and a local website just featured my blog on their homepage.

  2. Reddit is a strange place. You never know what will generate views and I've seldom gotten anything more than a 5 upvote.


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