Monday, November 26, 2012

The Undercover Agnostic

Coming up this week, there will be some changes in my weekly schedule that in be in effect until who knows when. Until I can get things sorted out, I'm not quite sure which days I will be posting on or how many days per week I will post. One unfortunate change that this new schedule will bring is that I will end up having to go the church in order to keep my cover as an agnostic, prevent any questioning. Unfortunately  that's necessary for the time being.

However, that might make for some great blog posts, I have noticed that some of the readers of the blog, and my loyal followers on Google + apparently don't have a fundamentalist past, which in some ways is good, because they don't have to deal with all the baggage that accompanies a past like that.

Sometimes, though that's a down side, they don't truly know what it's like to believe in it themselves, and may not be as prepared to deal with a fundamentalist, or someone just leaving the faith, and trying to recover. They won't know what it feels like to completely wrap your life around something, and then know what it's like to not want to give it up, but you know you must.

Talking about my experiences undercover, showing what is like from the inside, might give people a different perspective. Don't worry, it will be the last church I was in before de-conversion, not an IFB congregation, a fundamentalist/evangelical church none the less. It will be a little unsettling at first, much like a time I went to visit there several months ago, but I'm confident that I am far enough along in my recovery to handle it, and 2 people that do know about my change to agnosticism (and have supported me despite it), will be there.

I'll keep you posted on what happens from here on out, I'll give you reports from fundieland....



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