Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Guest Post at My Secret Atheist Blog

Yesterday the guest post I submitted to one of my great online friends, Montreal blogger Godless Poutine, was posted on his blog. It's a great honor to be a guest poster, he is the blogger who inspired me to start writing.

My post there is about a day in my childhood I would much rather forget. I've been having more of those moments in recent months, because blogging about my past, though it has helped me to move in many ways, has also brought back memories long buried, for better or in this case worse.

My post, now up on his blog, is called Confronting My Past, I think Poutine did a great job of editing the post, it was a hard post to write, believe me.

As always, if you have a topic in mind that you would think would make for a great guest post, read my submission guidelines first, then send me an e-mail at

Take the time to stop by the guest post page as well, my archive of past guest post posts published here, as well as guest post I have written for other blogs. There's some great reading there for everyone.


  1. Thanks so much for contributing your story to my blog, Sheldon!

    1. It's an honor, Poutine, I really mean that.

  2. Hello,

    The reason why neither atheists nor theists have managed to solve the riddle of religion is because the theists believe everything in the Bible really did happen and the atheists believe none of it happened. Both way of thinking are wrong anf illogical.

    Historical myths were not entirely myths; they had a grain of truth in them. One example of a myth in the Bible that had some truth to it was the Leviathan. Google 'Oh My Volcano Leviathan' and you will find a few articles written by me. I am the first person to suggest the Leviathan was not a fire breathing dragon but a submarine volcano, which are probably sometimes seen in the Jordan River as it lies along a tectonic rift, which is where volcanoes are. Can I get a single academic to believe me? Yes, one, but not one with a public position. They're all too terrified of the implications.

    I'm sure you realise the implications of such a thing.

    I'm sure you will also realise the implications of the fact Yahweh was an imaginery volcano god. Mount Sinai was a volcano in NW Saudi, the burning bush was caused by a flaming gas leak (the volcanic gas making Moses a bit loopy), the ten plagues were caused by the Santorini volcanic eruption, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by volcanic sulfur balls, the brimstone of fire and brimstone was volcanic sulfur (it even says this in Wiki!) and the lake of fire was of course the lava filled volcano crater.

    Yahweh only became omnipresent in the ancients' minds when the volcanoes ceased to put on awesome shows and the Hebrews left to genocidally wipe out the inhabitants of Canaan, taking their false deity with them in mind and not body.

    If you start to investigate this and write about it you will be one of the first to do so. There are only four people actively working on it, although several minor authors have mentioned it briefly.

    Please go through my blog...160 there are many aspects to the theory that you may not right now imagine.

    Swap links? If so, let me know

    Think outside of the box.

    The Fog Horn.


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