Friday, January 4, 2013

IFB Institution Bob Jones University Forced To Sell It's Radio Station

A radio station owned by the fundamentalist Bob Jones University has shut down after being in continuous operation since 1948. It is now a talk radio station, it was sold due to financial problems at the university due to declining enrollment.

The station was used to broadcast sermons by the college's leaders, past and present, as well as chapel services. I see this as good news, seeing that Bob Jones University is a part of the cult known as the Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) organization, if you wondering why I call the group a cult (especially if you are new to the blog), just check out my archive of past blog posts on the IFB, and check out the resources listed on that page for more information. Some of the facts you will find out about that group will shock you.

It goes to show that though fundamentalist groups are dangerous, their membership numbers are on the decline, and I'm celebrating that fact. The IFB needs to end as a group, and fade into history as a relic of the past, but for many who have left this group, it will be hard to leave what they experienced there in the past.

For more information on Bob Jones University itself, check out my blog post about them, and I would like to give credit to the blog Debunking Christianity for bringing this to my attention.

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