Friday, February 1, 2013

Am I the Only Person Who Doesn't Understand Fear of Death?

It's something that I have truly have been wondering for a long time. Fear of death is something that has never seemed to be a worry of mine, both in my fundamentalist past, and now as an agnostic.

When I received an invitation to write a guest post for the blog Sunstone's Cafe, I thought this would be a good opportunity to explain how I feel on the matter.

The author of the blog, Paul Sunstone, is a fan of my blog and you know me, I can't resist an opportunity for a guest post when one comes up. Despite the topic, this post is actually rather upbeat in tone, especially at the end.

I know that's highly surprising to regular readers, and I can almost hear the shock already. Me? Upbeat? Yes, it is possible.

Check out the post, Living Without Fear of Death at Sunstone's cafe, and make sure to stick around and read more of his blog, he is a great blogger, and one that I am proud to endorse.

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(P.S, hey Ahab, don't worry, I'm still working on the guest post for your blog)


  1. It's funny, I think I'm going to be writing about this topic, too. I've had a few near-death experiences over the years, and my views on dieing have been stable.

    1. What were those near death experiences?

      I never understood it, and looking back, fundamentalists being scared of death is really ironic. I mean aren't they the ones always saying they are going to heaven?

  2. Sheldon -- No rush. Take as much time as you need.

    As for fear of death, I don't believe in any kind of afterlife, which is both comforting and disconcerting. On one hand, if we cease to exist after death, there is no suffering, no hell, no unpleasant rebirth, which is a relief. On the other hand, I find the thought very unsettling because I can't wrap my head around not existing anymore. What will it feel like as I descend into nonexistence?

    All of this is preferable to believing in a literal heaven and hell. The idea of death terrified me when I was younger because I was so afraid of eternal damnation after death.

    1. What would it feel like to descend into non existence? I see it like a light switch being turned off, it just merely happens, and we are not aware of it after it happens. Life just simply ends.

      As the Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies put it:

      "I'm not scared of dying, because I'm an atheist. I won't even know I'm dead. You know why? Because I'll be fucking dead"



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