Saturday, February 23, 2013

Teach Not Preach

That's the title of a blog I ran across recently, written by a high school teacher in Minnesota who teaches a world religion course.

He talks about his experiences in teaching the history and of various religions, and the specifics of what they believe.

 The title of the blog comes from the fact that he strives not to show favor to any certain religion in the course, and encourages critical thinking. He says that many students are surprised to find out what many religions have in common, and the class often leads them to re evaluate what they themselves believe.

 Check out the blog, Teach Not Preach, thanks to Jack Vance of Atheist Revolution for recommending it.


  1. I'll check it out. I think people can only benefit from religious literacy, especially in an age of religious diversity and an ever-shrinking world.

    1. It helps to show students what different faiths believe, and that really shakes up religious student's views, especially the fundamentalists. It shows that their faith isn't quite as unique as they thought it was, and many religious have some shocking events in their histories.

    2. I'm back. I just checked out the blog, and I love it. I'm delighted to learn about how he's opening his students' minds and teaching uncomfortable (but necessary) lessons about religion.


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