Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Comment on My Blog That Makes Me Want to Vomit

Lately, I've had to apply moderation for comments here on my blog, making sure that all comments are reviewed by me first before they are posted. I had to do this because of some determined spammers who were unfortunately getting through, and posting comments, despite the CAPTCHA's that everyone has to enter before posting a comment (I have no idea how they were doing this, unless they were actual people instead of bots).

Well, as it turns out, I have have another reason to keep the comment moderation going: Angry, bitter fundies. There was an anonymous person who wanted to speak their mind on a post about Hephzipbah House, a home for teen girls ran by a minister and his wife. There have been accounts coming out from women who were residents there in the 80's and 90's, sent there by their fundamentalist parents (mostly IFB families, who thought they were "too rebellious", I've shown you on this blog who vicious the IFB can be to women and children), of horrendous physical torture and outrageous psychological abuse.

I considered deleting the comment, but I decided against it for two reasons. One, I would feel like a hypocrite, I'm very libertarian, and not very fond of censorship, and two, I want to show just how vile and disgusting the IFB and their defenders are, here it is, for all to see:

First of all these "out of control" girls were not hardened gang members, etc, they were girls from religious extremist families who listen to authors like Debi and Micheal Pearl, who think that beating children with switches and PVC pipe is acceptable, and then, once in Hezipbah House, were subject to being beaten again, and starved as punishment, and subject to psychological torture that included forcing physically healthy girls to wear diapers as "punishment".

This happened in the 80's and 90's, and now, dozens of these brave survivors are coming out, and telling the horrific truth of what happened (these girls are now grown women), and their statements do not contradict each other, (I read a good number of them while researching my post on Hezpibah House), and you know what? Some of these women even post this under their real names, they are willing to take the abuse from people who doubt their stories, and attack them, their character, just like the pathetic person who left the comment above.

Why? Because they want people to know the truth, that's why. They want to expose this awful organization (which last I knew was still operating), because nothing has been done so far to investigate the abuse, or take action against Hezpibah House. They want the world to know what happened to them, and they want to expose the character (or should I say the lack thereof) of people in the IFB, and their defenders.

That makes some people, people who claim to be holy, but in reality, have no conscience or morals, angry. Bring on the hate, and the character attacks, it shows shows me and everyone else just what organizations like the IFB really are. Congrats, you're making my job of exposing the IFB much easier......


  1. LOL, That comment is just funny. Totally worth keeping up.

    1. Funny because of the absurdity of it? The ridiculousness/pettiness of the comment?

  2. Hephzibah House, the Pearls... Yikes. I think I blocked those things out of my memories. I remember discussion of what size wooden dowels to get at Lowe's if there were no bushes near your house that had suitable switches to beat your kids with and joking about returning to the days where rebellious teens would be stoned in front of the elders at the village gate. It all made perfect sense in the context of the bible, of course. That is how people get caught up in cultic behavior. You just shift the behavior into a frame of reference that makes it seem normal.


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