Saturday, May 18, 2013

Step Forward and Call for Change

I can't believe that I finally got a guest post done for Homeschoolers Anonymous, I was beginning to think that it couldn't happen. I got so bogged down, and I had a great deal of writers block. It's an odd conundrum  being a former fundamentalist blogger, everyone wants your story, but it's hard to bring back all those memories, and it's hard to find a way to keep from repeating yourself over and over.

Anyway, I decided instead of doing a more biographical post like I have done in the past for blogs like Leaving Fundamentalism and The Wartburg Watch, I decided to go more with a topic instead. The guest post has to do with the issue of socialization in homeschooling. Here's an excerpt from the guest post,

I spent about a year at a well known Southern Baptist university, and some of the people there were homeschool alumni. They use to make jokes about the “awkward homeschool kid” stereotype, and many of them were even members of a Facebook group that was built around such jokes. 
It wasn’t very funny to me. They were relatively well adjusted, or at least appeared to be. Many of them had been a part of homeschool groups, sports, some had even been to community colleges or spent some time public high schools before they entered college. They seemed, at least for the evangelical world I was in at the time, normal. I never felt that way.
Read the rest of the post, titled Step Up and Call for Change at Homeschoolers Anonymous.

There needs to be changes in the homeschooling world. Though there are great people out there who are good parents, and are not Christian fundamentalists (the Wiccan woman I referred to in the guest post homeschooled her youngest daughter), the culture is dominated by fundamentalist Christians.

There needs to be more people, both within the homeschooling culture and outside of it speaking out against the problems that are in it

I wish that someday there will be no longer be homeschooling parents shutting their children out from the outside world, and leaving them to suffer the consequences of being a foreigner in their own country. I hope that someday HSLDA will disband, and a new organization will take their place that doesn't want to dismantle all legal protections for children. It can happen.

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