Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Help Me to Congratulate Hausdorff on Becoming a New Father

One of my favorite bloggers, Hausdorff of Hausdorff's Bible Blog has recently announced that he will become a new father sometime this week. I am very happy for him, and this will start a very exciting chapter in his life, since this will be the first child for both him and his wife.

What would really make me happy is if fans of the blog here would help me in giving him a big congratulations by stopping by his post announcing the good news, and leave a comment.

It would be great to see that post flooded with comments congratulating him on this good news. Will you join in?


  1. Fatherhood is the acceptance that your life is the prologue of another's.

  2. This is such a lovely thing do to do! :)

    1. I felt like it was time to celebrate. My blog focuses a lot on my past, which can be rather depressing, I felt like it was time to share in someone else's joy for a change. :)


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