Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What an Assembly Line Job Taught Me About Life.

Lana Hope of the blog Wide Open Ground published a guest post I sent her while I was away working on my house early this week. Something I have never talked about before on this blog is the fact that for about 2 years off and on, I worked for a temp company doing product packaging for P&G and Unilever. Have you ever seen those shrink wrapped two bottle packs of Febreeze canisters in stores with the little cardboard "boot" at the bottom of them that look like the picture at your left in stores? I used to make those, and many other different types of packages and even pallet sized display cases.

It was a wild ride working for that temp company, because the company would hire any adult that came in, felons/addicts, illegal immigrants, and just everyday people who were desperate for work (this was during and shortly after the 2008 financial collapse in the US).

I learned a lot about life working there, and that some types of people weren't like I had been taught they were, some people weren't the evil people I had been led to believe, and some people just needed a second chance in life to turn their life around.

At times, it could be chaotic, at times it could be rather amusing, I talk about how my odd habits led many of the felons in the building to think I was mentally unstable, and most of them left me alone. That could be rather funny to watch sometimes.

Read the post at Wide Open Ground

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