Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happiness and Atheism

I've been wanting to write more guest posts lately, and I had a backlog of guest post requests that I am still working on. Yesterday, Mike Moore, aka the Canadian Atheist, posted a guest post I sent to him recently, titled Atheism and Happiness (side note from my distracted mind: when I sent it in, the title kind of reminded me of my favorite webcomic Cyanide and Happiness).

The post was a response to an article that Canadian Atheist had talked about last week that questioned whether atheists can ever be truly happy.

 I talk about my life with depression, my new dog (a hyper and happy Lab mix), and Oprah's unusual interview with professional swimmer Diana Nyad in which she implied that atheists can't truly have a sense of awe and wonder about the universe.

Check it out. I'm still writing to keep up with guest post requests, but you can ask for a post to (just be patient with me in finishing it), or you can write a post for this blog, I would appreciate the help, send me an e-mail at ramblingsofsheldon@gmail.com.

As a side note, my apologies to my Twitter fans who had been following me (@SheldonGC89), I've been busy caring for my dog and working on my house, I haven't been over there in quite a while, but I'll try to post over there at least twice a week, I'm actually starting to like Twitter, there quite a few great bloggers there.


  1. I think people are been very hard on Oprah (as they should be) but giving Diana Nyad a time off, when what she said really makes me wonder if she is an atheist.

    1. Agreed, Oprah was going at it from the wrong angle, I think people were offended by her implications that atheists can't be happy, or have a sense of wonder about the universe, and thought that she wasn't an atheist for that reason, but she ignored the fact that Diana seemed to be saying that she believed in some kind of soul that lives on after death.

      If that's what she meant, she certainly wouldn't be an atheist, non-religious perhaps, but apparently she would believe in some sort of spiritual realm and/or a deity.

    2. Hard to imagine anyone with more wonder about the universe than
      Carl Sagan. He explored its mysteries with a logical and secular mind.

    3. Yes, he did have a great passion for what was out there in the cosmos.


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