Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reminiscing About Outrageous Youth Group Games With Rachel Held Evans

I don't quite understand why so many popular bloggers prefer Twitter to Google +, after all, you would think that long winded people like me would hate a site that restricts you to 140 characters....

Anyway, one great thing that really makes Twitter worthwhile for me despite it's character limit is the great bloggers that are on there, and some of hilarious conversations that result.

Last night,  Christian author/blogger Rachel Held Evans asked people about some of the outrageous youth group games they experienced as teens.

A lot of laughs ensued, some games were ridiculous, some were disgusting, and others, outright dangerous. Here's a few of my favorite tweets:

I had my own contribution to this thread:

Yes, it was every bit as disgusting and unsanitary as it sounds, I never volunteered for it, which probably isn't surprising to any of you who know me well, as obsessive as I am. Trash cans or buckets would be provided for those who thought they could handle it, but vomited at the last minute.

I remember one See You At The Pole pre-concert/pre rally at a large local church that churches in the area were invited to where they did this, and some people didn't know what was about to happen (though were given plenty of opportunity to leave without any pressure once it was explained to them).

One high school student looked rather worried, and called over one of the adult volunteers. I heard later that he was on his high school's track team, and didn't have time to shower before, his sock was literally dripping sweat.

My church did this game several times before the pastor at the time talked the youth department pastor and volunteers out of continuing it. Like me, he found it rather disgusting and unsanitary. if you grew up in church youth groups, do you have any stories to tell of disgusting/bizarre games that went in youth groups?

If you can stomach reading more of these tweets, read the original tweet thread, or a blog post that Rachel had about this phenomenon titled "It's a miracle any of us survived youth group", complete with more screenshots and stories from people.

I thought some tweets in reaction to that thread were rather funny:

A bit of an inside joke on this next one, Rachel Held Evans become rather famous this summer for a great post on why people of the millennial generation are leaving the church:


  1. I'd have to say that the main reason I spend more time on Twitter than Google+ is that everyone else is on Twitter. Relatively few use Google+. Unless that changes, Twitter (and even Facebook) are likely to be more beneficial than Google+.

    1. I've noticed that very few bloggers use it, but there's a very strong atheist community there, and a generally smarter and less dramatic crowd over there.


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