Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Note For My Readers

I wanted to warn everyone in advance that in the next few weeks, there may be times where you may not posts on the blog for several days at time. Don't panic, I will be back to posting regularly eventually, but several things are coming that will be making blogging difficult.

First, it appears that the regular summer rush is beginning at my job in the warehouse industry. It will be very chaotic at work, and I will be tired, and not have much time to write.

Second, starting June 9th, I will be on vacation, and offline during that time. Exactly how many days this vacation will last is yet unknown, it could be as little as 3 days or over a week.

Third, any time between now and about mid June, I will be contacted by HUD regarding the foreclosure house that I bought from them. Any day now, they will be needed the rest of the money for the sale, and will be needing me to go through closing procedures, title transfer, etc, and I hope to start working on the house right away.

Lastly, I'm going to be focusing more on guest posts. I have already finished one, and I have been told that it will be published next week at Defeating the Dragons, one of my favorite blogs. I'm also going to be start writing this week a guest post for Confessions of a Heretic Husband, a great blog that I have written for in the past. If I decide to keep the idea I currently have for the post, it's going to be one of the hardest post to write that I have ever done. Digging into my past is never enjoyable, but sometimes it must be done.

So, in short, don't panic if you don't see posts from me regularly, and if you wish to help out on making blogging a little easier for me by writing a guest post, let me know.

Contact me at If I am not familiar with you and your blog (if you have a blog), please introduce yourself and your blog and if you have a topic in mind for a post


  1. You are a busy guy! Enjoy the pace as much as you can.

  2. Congrats on the house! Soon you'll be in the "deer caught in the headlights new house club" like yours truly!

  3. Take it easy dearest Sheldon!
    Don't let the Property Cult get to you :P
    I see that you're detaching yourself from the Lord Jesus Internetz, and I am (as always) very proud of you (even if it isn't voluntary:P)
    Love ya heaps, mate.

  4. Busy is the rule. Blogging is a marathon, punctuated by sprinting.

  5. Posting abroad to such a degree that your home turf is seeing less writing? You're spreading yourself too thin, Sheldon. ;-)

    1. Well, one guest post is done, the other, who knows when that will be finished, but I will try.

  6. I keep meaning to send you an email to ask about the house. Glad to hear. I've been gone for a week, and will be gone for another three weeks this summer, so I've got to schedule a lot more posts.


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